An air ambulance service to Israel or another destination when the treatment has to take place emergently is an irreplaceable and lifesaving solution in cases when patients and those injured are in dire need of urgent medical evacuation and beside-to-beside transportation. The division also provides emergency transportation of patients from remote population areas to hospitals and medical centers and the transfer of foreign patients to their home countries.

The patient can be transferred in any direction: starting from the prior hospitalization’s place to the emergency room of the receiving clinic. The aircraft used for medical evacuation are licensed and equipped with all the necessary tools for intensive therapy.

We can provide medical transportation services from one ICU to another with full in-flight assistance. The patient is continuously monitored aboard the medical aircraft, including such procedures as ECG, non-invasive blood pressure measurement, pulse oximetry, and capnography. Besides that, the division can provide medical services for a mother and her newborn with all needed emergency care for the child.

The ambulance aircraft is fitted with compressed gas, vacuum pumps, and an oxygen supply, which is twice the required amount under the flight time. The aircraft’s cabin is air-conditioned, thus ensuring the comfort of the patient, his attendants, and the flight crew.

An air ambulance staff involves the highly-qualified pilots, experienced flight doctors, paramedics, and ICU nurses. With highly trusted medical jets and the most experienced and respected medical teams in the sky, air ambulances are conducting its mission of an uncompromised standard of patients care.

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