Advanced medical technologies – AI and comprehensive IT solutions are being widely applied in the healthcare sector transforming basically the way healthcare in being delivered.

When it comes to impact of computerization and information technology to the healthcare ecosphere, In MENA region and GCC, MedCurator introduces the excellence of Israel’s experience in medical technologies, exclusively representing a leader in developing and implementing an end to end solutions for public and private health organizations, Ewave.

IT solutions improve dramatically the health services and the health quality among the customers and help them to manage and control extreme situations using advanced IT tools and work processes. These solutions help health organizations, hospitals and health ministries to control the budget, efficient the work processes and save a lot of money to the health sector in order to allocate these savings to investment in medicines, in health basket, more doctors and better service.

The sustainable projects have been completed worldwide including Primary care, Tele-medicine, Centralized EMR, Health ERP, Claims management, E-prescription, health promotion, preventive health, patient portal, COVID19 monitoring and more, as part of a comprehensive platform which places the health organizations to be at the forefront of technology.

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