Since 2010, our Jerusalem based head office Health-Plus has been declared as an international marketing arm of Hadassah University Hospital.
We take care of international patients from all over the world including Middle Eastern countries and ensure the arrangement of their prompt and effective treatment on the base of Hadassah Medical Center.

We have provided our assistance to more than 258,619 patients.

In 2020, we established our UAE representative office MedCurator to provide our patients from anywhere in the Middle East and the Gulf with unparalleled access to the necessary advanced and high tech treatment.

With our representative offices across the globe, staffed 24/7/365 by diverse team of highest standards professionals in various fields: from organizational specialists – our international case managers, accommodation officers, coordinators, logistics managers and marketing specialists to the stellar, top world’s medical experts – doctors, nurses, professors and lecturers, who speak multiple languages, offering state-of-art medical services in Israel, the Middle East, the Gulf and globally.

1. In touch 24/7
Our team members are committed to respond to all patients` queries anytime. We provide our support from the first referral and remain in contact even after the patient`s return home.

2. Review of medical records
The doctor of the international patients department provides with:

  • Review of medical documentation;
  • Elaboration of the preliminary assessment plan;
  • Election of the specialists;
  • Recommendation on the evaluation program.

3. Facilitation of the process connected to obtaining required permits
We will compile all the documents required to enter the country as soon as possible:

  • Special permits from the governmental authorities of Israel;
  • Host invitation for arrival;
  • Acceleration of a foreign passport issuance;
  • Assistance in obtaining a visa.

4. Appointments booking
Our team will book appointments for consultations and procedures.

5. Travel support and logistics
Our team members will assist you in booking airline tickets and finding comfortable accommodation for your entire stay in the country as well as transfer upon your request and preferences.

6. Meeting at the airport
Upon request, on your behalf, our representative will pick you up from the airport and take you to the accommodation and place for treatment.

7. Consultation with a certified doctor
An initial and conclusive consultation will be provided by a certified Israeli specialist, Dr. A. Benstein.

8. Medical Case Manager
Immediately upon arrival, a personal manager is assigned to accompany you at all consultations and procedures, to translate and provide assistance in all organizational issues. The medical case manager stays in contact with you even after returning home.

9. Translation of medical reports
Upon completion of the treatment, the patient receives all medical reports in English. If required, on your behalf we will provide the services of a professional translator of medical documents.

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