Wearable healthcare technology is gaining widespread popularity, primary owing to its ease of use and flexibility. And these healthcare trends are defined by many reasons.

1. Moving to home care due to:
– Availability and accessibility;
– Outpatient medical centers are trying to avoid physical visits to reduce the risk of infection and to maintain its cost effectiveness;
– Cost effectiveness of digital health and telemedicine.

2. Globalization becomes a Life Standard including its integration and communication, global online services and digitalization of information;
3. Patient Focus.

MedCurator is the exclusive representative in MENA and GCC of a Pioneer and World Leader in digital health and telemedicine solutions for the private and public healthcare sector, offering medical devices as one of its integrated tools.

Monitoring device

  • Easy to use wearable with unique global patent
  • Transmit the data to control center using a dedicated mobile device
  • Connecting to Electronic Medical Record
  • Control system for online monitoring and smart dashboard
  • Online monitoring includes:

– Up to 12 leads E.C.G;
– Blood Pressure;
– Oxygen Saturation;
– Body Temperature;
– Respiration;
– Pulse;
– Body Activity & Position;
– GPS Location.

With growing demand for innovative tech solutions, telehealth, personalized medicine and digital health systems, Israel’s far-reaching experience is rising the challenge, improving patients’ live worldwide.



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