Israeli Medicine and Innovations: Health Plus in the Global Investment Forum

Technologies are changing our world by impetuous paces. Along with this, definitely, the healthcare is undergoing dramatic transformations due to constant aging of the population, the threat of a pandemic, the lack of qualified personnel likewise with a high-speed development of digital and biotechnology, ranging from telemedicine and portable devices for remote monitoring of health, to the so-called “big data”, artificial intelligence, 3-D printing, robotics, genomics.

What sort of technologies will shape the future of healthcare? What finally will be formed into a high-demanded trend: digital consultation or a live communication with a doctor? How the system of medical postgraduate education will be transformed, and what will benefits its following factors – the applying of telemedicine centers, virtual hospitals, hospitals 4.0 , medical universities? What medical specialties and competencies are trendy in the era of digital medicine?

Health Plus is an international medical provider with the wide range of facilities: from organization of mobile teams to the establishing of diagnostic and educational expert centers to offer international postgraduate programs for doctors. The company is strongly engaged into the development and implementation of innovative digital solutions and platforms at the national level, from MIS and Command Control Center to hospital system management programs using 4.0, Bid Data and AI, together with the global technology partner Ewave.

Under the panel discussion programme “Technologies in healthcare that are changing the world”, the company is to be represented by Dr. Tatyana Anatolyevna Zhelninova, Medical Director of Health Plus and Managing Partner of Med Curator UAE.

The Global Investment Forum will bring together ministers and diplomatic representatives, business owners, executives, philanthropists and opinion leaders to create an exclusive business platform and a joint pool of initiatives.

Representatives from Israel, UAE, Bahrain, Morocco, India and China will discuss the trends, challenges and opportunities to frame the future success of the entire Middle East. The conference will focus on business and diplomatic opportunities between Israel, the countries of the Arab Gulf, the Middle and Far East. The two largest media groups The Jerusalem Post (Israel) and The Khaleej Times (UAE) will join under its umbrella the most influential and dynamic personalities to explore the challenges and opportunities of rapidly changing realities.

For the participating countries, as well as the Middle East region in general, this event is an opportunity, for Health Plus it is a kind of challenge. Embodying innovations into medical practice as well as advanced methods of diagnostics and treatment – all that is why Israeli medicine is of the world’s known excellence. As an international marketing arm of the Hadassah University Hospital, with agreements with the world’s best recognized medical centers, Health- Plus opens up new opportunities for global scientific and clinical collaboration between the best specialists in Israel and the UAE.

Where the event is taking place?

The event will take place on June 2 2021 in Armani Hotel Dubai (Dubaï, Émirats arabes unis), Burj Khalifa, Mohammed bin Rashid Boulevard.



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